Taco Cart 24x24 Griddle, Bain Mary 22" Disco. Plancha para Tacos con disco

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The catering cart comes 24" flat top griddle, a Steamer in the middle and a Stainless Steel Concave Comal on the right side. Steamer includes water well and three 1/3 size containers with lids.
Cart is installed with Commercial H Burner that will provide an even and balanced heat distribution, with an additional Flute Burner in the middle under the Steamers components to keep your Steamer steaming hot. Cart has it’s burners hose connector on the left side, and includes a Hose of 350 max PSI and gas Regulator of 20PSI max output. 2 swivel caster and 2 swivel with brake.

The griddle is measured at 24” L x 22” W is a 1/4 inch Gauge, and a solid 55 lbs. The Stainless Steel Comal measures 21.5” in Diameter. When assembled the griddle and cart together measure at a total of 38” H x 24” W and 64.5 “ L.